About me

Hi, I’m Charles Austin, and welcome to my blog https://bbqbestgrillreview.com. What is my blog about? About relaxation, holidays, delicious evenings, sincere meetings with friends… You will have all this if you have a barbecue at home.

My wife and three kids can’t go a weekend without delicious grilled meats or vegetables. And my friends immediately say that they will come only when I light the grill.

But my first acquaintance with the grill was not the most successful. I`m a manager at a power tool store. And one day I saw an inexpensive version of the grill on the net. The price was so low that I immediately ordered it. But it was something terrible. It smoked and crackled and the meat turned out very dry.

But cooking united me and my family in the yard of our house so much that I decided to practice such dinners, but take the choice of technology more responsibly.

Having studied many articles and reviews on the Internet, I realized that they are all rather contradictory and that I want to share my impressions. And so the blog appeared.

After 3 years of testing various grills, I understand how to choose the right barbecue and accessories, and why it is better to take pellets or charcoal for ignition. And I will share all this with you.

I am sure this information will save you time and money. We will talk about cleaning and maintaining the grill, and I will also share useful life hacks with you. So I advise you to save my page, it will be interesting.