Best time to buy a Weber grill: tips on how to catch a deal

Weber grills are some of the best grills in the United States. A wide variety of Weber grills allow you to buy a device for any budget. But everyone wants to buy a Weber grill in a trusted store with a good reputation for a reasonable price. That’s why it would be good to know the best time to buy Weber grills.

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Learn more about Weber grills

On Weber gas grills, you can cook almost any food – from hamburgers and hot dogs to salmon on cedar boards and grilled paella.

The thing is that Weber produces about 100 types of grills of various configurations. Choosing the right grill for you can be difficult – because you don’t want to pay money for those functions that you never plan to use.

However, it will be good luck to buy a grill Weber that suits you because it will stay with you for at least 15 years and even longer.

So, the Weber company produces grills of three main types:

  • Genesis – the most popular model.
  • Summit – professional and high-performance grills.
  • Spirit – basic models.


Depending on the season, there are huge discounts in most home appliance stores. For example, Weber gas grills sell well during Father’s Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. It is on these days that you can find good discounts on grills.

Weber strictly adheres to the Minimum Advertised Price policy (MAP), which means that all authorized dealers can offer only one identical price.

Although rare, you can find grills Weber at a lower price from unauthorized stores that do not know how they received the product. However, if buying a Weber grill in an unauthorized store, you will not be able to get a 15-year warranty on the product, which is issued to its customers by authorized dealers.

In addition, from time to time, there are changes in the model range of Weber grills, so significant discounts appear on some models.

What types of Weber grills exist

If you have never bought a grill before, then surely you will be wondering what types of grills exist. There are many types of grills, but the most common are propane or charcoal grills.

Charcoal grills

A coal grill is cheaper than a propane one, but they do their job no worse. In addition, you will constantly need to buy ignition fluid and charcoal briquettes for the charcoal grill.

How does a charcoal grill work? It’s not difficult. The charcoal grill has ventilation holes that allow air to circulate from the bottom up. This way, charcoal grills coals’ temperature is regulated, and you can adjust the temperature by controlling the amount of air that enters the inlet.

Propane grills

Propane grills (or gas grills) are very common in the USA. They are a little more expensive: they use natural gas and work on the principle of a gas stove. There are several burners in the propane grill, the power of which can be adjusted. Natural gas is supplied in tanks.

Electric grills

Electric grills do not use an open fire or any fuel to operate. The heat in an electric grill is generated by electricity. Some electric grills can be used indoors; however, most electric grills are better used outside.

Wood pellet grills

Wood pellets are the fuel for suchbbq grill. In such a grill, you can even smoke food. Pellet grills are priced the same as charcoal grills, although some models may be significantly more expensive.

The most popular grills models from Weber

Weber Genesis grills with 3 burners: a brief overview

The Weber Genesis grill with 3 burners has 4 series, each of which is somewhat different from the other. Below you will find brief characteristics of each of the series.

Weber Genesis E-310 and E-315

The grills of the E-310 and E-315 series differ in that the first case the open cart design, and in the second – the enclosed cart. These grills are equipped with high-performance burners, flavorings, and a fat management system. Porcelain-enameled cooking grates hold about 20 burgers and are made in Black.

The Copper version is available in the E-315 LP model.

Weber Genesis E-330 and E-335

The E-330 and E-335 models have a side burner, as well as Sear Burner and Sear Zone. The difference between the E-330 and E-335 models is that the E-330 is a grill model with an open cart design, and the E–335 is a grill model with an enclosed cart. All E-330 and E-335 are supplied with Black grilles, except for E-330 LP. In this model, you can find grating colors such as Copper, Crimson, and Smoke.

Weber Genesis S-310 & S-335

In the S series, all models have the stainless steel color, as well as the cooking grates are also made of stainless steel with a thickness of 7 mm. The enclosed cart in this series has a bbq grill Weber Genesis S-335.

Weber Genesis SE-310, SE-330 and SE-335

SE stands for Special Edition and has several additional features. The grate in the SE series grills is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 9 mm, for longer heat preservation. SE-330 and SE-335 include Sear Station and Side Burner. The grilles in all models are made in black, and in the SE-330 LP model Copper, Crimson, and Smoky color grilles are possible.

Genesis grills with 4 burners

Weber Genesis grills with 4 burners are very similar to bbq grills with three burners – the difference is only in the number of burners.

Weber Genesis E-410

The Weber Genesis E-410 is a grill with 4 burners and porcelain enameled cooking grates. It is supplied in Black, and the cart in this model is an open design. Also, it has flavorizer bars, and a grease management system.

Weber Genesis E-435

The Weber Genesis E-435 model has a side burner, as well as Sear Burner and Sear Zone. The cart in this version is enclosed, and the lattices are made in black.

Weber Genesis s-435

In this model, the cooking grates are made of stainless steel, 7 mm thick, and the cart is enclosed.

On the Weber Genesis grill, you can cook up to 28 burgers at the same time because the cooking surface area of the device is 646 square inches.

Weber Summit Grills: a brief overview

Weber Summit Grills S-470 and S-670

The S-470 comes with 4 burners, and the S-670 comes with 6 burners. Both models of grills have side burners, a searing station, a smoking box, and a retractable infrared rotisserie. The grill grates are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 9 mm.

The front handle of the grill has an LED backlight.

Weber Summit Grills E-470 and E-670

The E-470 and E-670 grills have the same characteristics as the S-470 and S-670 models. In addition to everything, the E-470 and E-670 are equipped with a black porcelain enamel hood and access doors.

Weber Summit Grills S-460 and S-660

These are the only built-in Weber gas grills. The S-460 comes with 4 burners, and the S-660 with 6 burners. Otherwise, these grill models correspond to the S-470 and S-670. The infrared rotisserie is stationary on built-in grilles.

How to get the most out of your Weber grill?

Don’t skip preheating

For the burgers to get branded strips from the grill grate, and for food not to stick to the grates, you need to warm up the grill well in advance. If you are preparing a dish for which low heat is recommended, then anyway, before you start cooking, preheat the grill to the highest temperature.

Then just open the grill lid. Wait until the temperature drops to 500 °F, then you can close the lid and start cooking.

Clean the grates after each use

Clean the hot grates from the charred pieces of food with a stainless steel brush. If the grill has already cooled down, then you can reheat the grill. If the surface of the grates is always clean and smooth, then it will be easy for you to clean the grill without putting much effort. Also do not forget about rust.

Prepare the tools and seasonings

Grills Weber is convenient because it has side tables where you can store condiments, tools, plates, forks, etc. So, everything you need can be stored at your fingertips.

Cleaning and maintenance of your gas grill

If we are talking about long-lasting grills, we are talking about Weber grills. The spare parts of the grill are covered by a 10-year warranty, and you can use the grill for at least 15 years. To use your grill effectively, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning.

How often do I need to clean?

It is recommended to clean your grill Weber twice a year. If you begin to notice that the heating is uneven, there are too many flare-ups or a low temperature at the outlet of the burners, then you need to conduct a deep cleaning of your grill. Start cleaning from the top and gradually move to the bottom of thebbq grill.

Cleaning the inside of the lid

Over time, you may notice a peeling black coating on the grill lid. This black flaky deposit eventually disappears and gets into your grilled food. Therefore, it is recommended to remove it with a brush. Or, when the grill is still warm, wipe the place under the lid with a paper towel.

Clean what is under the grate

Grills Weber has several more levels under the greats. These are triangular flavorizer bars made of stainless steel. The essence of the work of flavored bars is to catch fat and turn it into smoke, giving your food a unique taste and aroma.

The next level is the heat deflectors, which are located under the burners and evenly distribute the heat emitted by the burners. It is also very important to clean the burner ports, as this will protect your grill from flare-ups.

Each of these levels has a modular structure, which means that you can easily clean it with a brush.

What months do grills usually go on sale?

Grills are gaining popularity in spring and summer, however, if you want to save a little on buying a grill, then summer is not the best time for this. In times of high demand, sellers do not make any discounts on the goods.

The best time when grills go on sale is in August, September, Labor Day weekend, or in winter, in January.

With a decrease in demand in August, sellers also begin to lower prices for goods to sell off summer stocks before the end of the season. As Labor Day approaches, you may see a significant reduction in the price of the grill and discounts of 60% and even 80%.

How do I save on a grill? 

If you want to buy a brand-new grill, it’s better to wait for sales in such large stores as Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Sam’s, Sears Outlet, and Big Lots. Most often, these stores offer the best discounts first.

You can also think about buying a not-new, but high-quality grill. Please note that there would be no rust on it, all the necessary accessories were included, and it was also possible to buy spare parts in a hardware store or from an official representative office.

You can save money if you choose not the newest and best model but opt for the previous model.

By the way, it often happens that the floor model used for demonstration in the store is offered at a discount at the end of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to buy a Weber grill?

It is best to buy grills Weber in autumn or winter.

What is the best month to buy a grill?

The best month to buy a grill is August, on Labor Day weekends, or in January.

Is Weber coming out with a new grill in 2022?

In 2022, Weber introduced a new generation of Weber Genesis grills.

Is Weber increasing their prices?

Prices for Weber grills are increasing every year, this is due to higher prices for steel and other production costs.

Why are Weber grills so expensive right now?

The Weber company does not save on the quality of its grills and invests money in engineering developments. That’s why Weber grills are so expensive.

Is Weber coming out with a new grill in 2022?

In 2022, Weber introduced the new Weber Genesis Smart gas grill, which is available in three different colors and four different sizes, from small to very large.


Weber grills are of absolute quality and have a very long service life – for which most Americans prefer this brand of grills. However, if you want to join millions of grill masters and save on the best grill, you need to choose the right time. Postpone the purchase of the Weber grill to August, Labor Day, or January – at this time you will find Weber grills at the best price.

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