Tell me the P setting traeger?

Owning a Traeger pellet grill can bring so much flavor, color, and texture to your favorite grilled meats and veggies. But if you’re new to the Traeger game, you may have some questions about its features. The most common of these is probably the ‘P’ setting. This P stands for smoke setting, which is one of the most important options available on a Traeger pellet grill. It allows you to control the amount of smoke produced by adjusting the heat that flows through the pellets directly onto your food.

This is great because it gives you complete control over how smoky and flavorful you want your meals to be. By learning how to properly utilize the P setting traeger, you will be able to enjoy delicious smoke-infused food cooked in your very own backyard!

 P setting traeger

Pellet Grills: A Brief Look

A pellet grill is an exciting way to cook food outdoors, and the ‘P’ setting is a great tool to have in your arsenal. With a Traeger pellet grill, you can use wood pellets as fuel and create meals with an authentic smoky flavor that’s unique, thanks to the fact that you can customize your flavors with different types of woods.

After gaining knowledge on how the P setting operates, you are just one pelle away from unlocking all of the possibilities that grilling can offer.

When the grill is ignited, a mechanical auger sends wood pellets from the nearby hopper into the firebox. This feeds continues until it reaches an ideal temperature for your delicious creations in no time.

P setting traeger

Defining the Traeger P Setting

The P setting is essential for any Traeger grill, serving to create a precise balance of pause and run times. Without this feature, the auger wouldn’t be able to cycle on and off correctly – giving you an even heat that makes your food delicious! Just remember: when it comes down to grilling greatness, keep an eye on those pauses with the P setting.

When To Adjust the P Setting

The setting of your grill is key to maintaining the perfect cooking experience, regardless of outside temperature. By keeping the auger running frequently when it’s cold out, you’ll ensure that your firebox remains in prime condition for those mouthwatering meals.

When the warm air of summer drifts across your backyard, make sure to adjust your grill’s P setting. This will ensure that while you enjoy long cooking sessions, smoke and temperatures remain under control. Additionally, as wood pellets smolder away in 225 degree heat or higher with a Smoke setting designation – crank up that P knob.

Temperature control is key when it comes to grilling! Experiment with the P setting on your grill – lower numbers will create a hotter fire while higher ones can increase smoke production and enhance flavor. Keep a close eye on temperature swings of 25 degrees or more above or below your desired range, so you get perfectly cooked food every time.

Finding the P Setting Button

Finding the P Setting Button

Have you ever noticed the mysterious “P” button on your grill controller? If so, it stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative setting. But not all grills have this feature – some of the newer models rely solely on their temperature sensors to automate the cooking process. Look out for a P settings button if you own an original Elite model or one like Traeger Scout and Junior 20.

To discover if your grill has a handy P setting, look for an inconspicuous hole or sticker near the digital display. It could be labeled “Call Service” or just a regular black label – either way it’s worth uncovering! Peel away to find the button and get ready to kick up the heat on all of your barbeque creations.

Unlocking the control panel is like a puzzle – you’ll need an atypical tool. A shish kabob skewer, small screwdriver or even just a pen point can all do the trick! For those who prefer to play it safe, access this tiny button with something more gentle…like your trusty wooden toothpick.

Safety Warning

Before you press the mysterious button, make sure it’s dead center! Taking this extra step will ensure that everything lines up correctly and prevents any accidental damage from occurring. Shine your flashlight to confirm its accuracy – if all looks good then give it a gentle prod. If successful then get ready for some action as the display suddenly illuminates with an impenetrable factory setting of P2 right before your very eyes.

If you find your Traeger grill in disarray, the first order of business is to try and restore it yourself. If that doesn’t do the trick, then reach out for help from customer service – they may even provide a replacement warranty.

How To Adjust The Smoke Setting Temps

Traeger pellet grills are renowned for their convenience and ease of use, however one aspect that can be sometimes confusing is the smoke setting. Instead of relying on a set temperature range to determine how long its auger will run before pausing again, it follows a precise 15-second routine determined by whichever “P” level has been specified – making sure your meal is always cooked through with just enough smokiness.

For Traeger grills, the P setting runs from P0 to P9. Here’s the amount of time that the auger will cease running during each one of these settings:

  • P0: 45 seconds
  • P1: 55 seconds
  • P2: 65 seconds
  • P3: 75 seconds
  • P4: 85 seconds
  • P5: 95 seconds
  • P6: 105 seconds
  • P7: 115 seconds
  • P8: 125 seconds
  • P9: 135 seconds

You can count on the auger running for 15 seconds before taking a break – but don’t worry, once you settle in with your Smoke setting finesse process and become familiarized, it won’t be hard to remember. It’s all about making sure those 10-second time gaps are just right

Traeger pellet smokers come with a default setting of P2 for slow-smoked meats like beef jerky, allowing users to adjust the internal temperature from 150 to 180 degrees. With this perfectly calibrated cycle, you can easily achieve mouthwatering results in no time.

Controlling your Traeger with precision is easy, provided you follow the instructions. With a press of the button and simple glances at the digital readout, setting adjustments become effortless – just keep in mind that P0 to P4 range provides optimal results for pause time under 85 seconds so as not to waste wood pellets.

For the best results, change your setting gradually – one step at a time. Excessive meddling may cause system overload, resulting in jams and extreme temperature shifts.

How To Relight The Grill


If your barbeque loses its flame before you’ve had a chance to finish cooking, take heed of these important safety steps. Don’t risk injury or damage by rushing the relighting process – wait until everything has cooled down for at least 15-20 mins so that all components can be safely handled. This could save you from potentially dangerous over-firing.

Give your grill a full revamp with some quick TLC. Start by opening the lid and removing all essential elements like heat baffles, drip pans, and cooking grates – use a scoop to sweep away any pellets or debris left in the firebox. After everything’s cooled down (no hot embers!), you can give it an extra sparkle using either a shop-vac for total cleanliness or just go manual with that handy scoop again! Reassemble once done then kickstart your flame-filled machine as usual – party time awaits.

Other Tips for Controlling Temperature

With Traeger grills, you can invite control over grill temperature settings and get the same delicious results each time. Whether you use the factory P setting to keep your firebox at a consistent temperature while cooking or explore other options like modifying dampers, adding fuel additives or playing with heat distribution– there’s something for everyone. You can be sure that every grill master in your circle will be envious of your amazing culinary creations made possible thanks to the grill’s precise temperature controls.

Buy an Insulated Blanket

Protect your grill and pocketbook with a simple, cost-effective solution: an insulated blanket. It blocks wind, rain, or other harsh elements to help keep temperatures steady while helping you save on pellets in the long run – making it well worth the investment.

Upgrade your pellet griller and smoker with a customized blanket from Traeger! Not only will it perfectly contour to the shape of your device, but you can’t beat the snug fit that comes along for maximum efficiency.

Make Use of the Meat Probe

Get the perfect cook every time with a quality meat probe thermometer. With Traeger’s dual probes, you can monitor your meal while it’s cooking and be sure that everything is up to temperature inside as well as out on the grill. Enjoy even more convenience when relying on WiFire technology – check temperatures right from any smartphone or tablet without ever having to step away! Get professional-level results in no time flat – start grilling like an expert today.

Use Quality Pellets

Traeger Pellet Smokers provide the ultimate cooking experience, and it’s all in the wood pellets. Our custom line of Traeger-specific pellets come with plenty of delicious flavor options – from cherry to hickory – for a reamingly enhancement your food won’t soon forget!

However, be sure not to compromise on quality when selecting any other brand; cheaper variants burn faster, create more mess and can even cause damage within your smoker. So don’t miss out: go fullTraege rfor superior results every time.

To keep your wood pellets in prime condition, make sure to store them securely in an airtight container. Not only will this protect against hungry critters leaving their mark on your fuel source, but it’ll also prevent the pellets from becoming moldy due to excess humidity – so find a cool and dry space for proper storage.

Keep the Grill Clean

Rust can quickly ruin even the sturdiest of grills, so consistent maintenance is key! Give your grill some TLC and check routinely for burn holes in the fire pot; too much air will cause excess heat buildup.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a Traeger grill that offers the P setting is a great addition to any grilling enthusiast’s kit, but to get the best results, it is wise to understand how to adjust the p settings correctly. The p setting on these grills adjust not only for ambient temperature but also for the grill temperature. Knowing when and how much to adjust can make all the difference in achieving consistent heat from your pellet grill so you can enjoy season after delicious season of grilling feasts. With proper maintenance and adjustment of settings, your Traeger grill will remain easy to adjust and keep cooking delicious food.

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